Emergency Vet in Edmond Discusses Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month

Pet poisoning is a serious issue that all animal owners should be mindful of year-round. In March, h...
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3 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy: Advice from a Pet Dentist in OKC

With February being National Pet Dental Health Month, now is a great time to get serious about tendi...
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The Importance of Pet Wellness in Oklahoma City

Wellness care is important for pets regardless of their current life stage and is crucial to long-te...
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3 Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

The holiday season is a festive time of year for you and your family. If you aren’t careful, though, the festivities can lead to disaster for your furry friend. Holiday feasts, house guests, and even decorations can be potential dangers to your pet, and in the chaos of the season, accidents are all too common. 

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3 Things Not to Feed Your Pet this Thanksgiving: Advice from a Veterinarian in Oklahoma City

As a veterinarian in Oklahoma City, we treat countless animals who have eaten something they shouldn’t have. Sometimes the problem is as simple as an upset stomach that goes away once the offending food is out of the animal’s system. In other cases, though, pets face potentially life-threatening complications when exposed to toxins or poisons. 

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When to Take Your Pet to an Emergency Vet in OKC

Determining whether a problem with your pet is a serious concern can be tricky. While making a trip to an emergency animal hospital is no pet parent’s idea of a good time, it’s something that must be done in certain circumstances. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, Stoneridge Animal Hospital provides a complete range of emergency services and is here to help your pet when they need it most. Not sure whether your pet’s problem warrants a visit to the ER? Here are a few symptoms that require a visit to an emergency vet in OKC. 

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How to Tell if Your Pet Is in Pain: Tips from a Veterinarian in Oklahoma City

If your pet is slowing down and not seeming to enjoy playtime quite as much as they used to, you might think it is merely a sign that they are getting older. In many instances, however, it’s actually a sign that your pet is in pain. Whether they’re hurting because of age-related issues - such as arthritis - or for another reason, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of pain so you can get your pet the help they need. Keep reading to learn how to tell if your pet is in pain from a trusted veterinarian in Oklahoma City.

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Choosing a Veterinarian in Moore: What You Need to Know

Finding the right veterinarian is a big deal. Just like choosing a pediatrician for your child, choosing a vet for your pet should not be taken lightly. Ideally, your pet’s vet will care for them throughout the entire course of their life. As such, you need someone who will provide the services your companion needs and make their health and happiness their primary concern. 

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The Benefits of Spay and Neuter in Oklahoma City

As a pet owner, you naturally want to provide the best care possible for your furry pal, and part of that includes wellness care. Although you may not realize it, spaying or neutering your pet is a key component of wellness care, since removing reproductive organs can ward off many potentially life-threatening diseases. 

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Senior Pet Care in Mustang: Why Your Senior Pet Needs Special Care

As your pet ages, she will need extra special care to ensure she remains happy, comfortable, and healthy throughout her golden years. While an annual exam may be able to catch common disease processes before they become too advanced, semi-annual or more frequent wellness visits are even more beneficial to your furry pal. Routine

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