Finding a Veterinarian Near Oklahoma City

Pet owners really are the best kind of people. They’ve opened their home up to all sorts of new family members — whether those animals are furry and 4 legged or they have scales or feathers.

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Spay and Neuter in Edmond, OK

Getting a new pet means making some very serious choices. Perhaps one of the most important is whether you spay or neuter your animal, or allow them to reach sexual maturity and possibly breed. If you’ve decided that running the risk of unexpected litters isn’t for you, or that you’d like...
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Finding a Vaccine Clinic in Edmond

Have you recently become the proud new owner of a sweet new family member? From Ragdoll kittens to German Shepherd puppies, each new pet in your home will need the services of a vaccine clinic in Edmond . Why are veterinarians so adamant about getting pets vaccinated, though? After all, so...
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Finding a Veterinarian for Your Ferret in Witcher

First, can we just say that you’ve made an excellent decision in your choice of pet? Anyone who’s owned or grown up with ferrets can tell you that they’re one of the most rewarding companion animals. They’re explorative, intelligent and so very sweet. When it comes to finding a veterinarian for...
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Choosing an Avian Veterinarian in Midwest City, OK

So, you’ve chosen to own a somewhat less-than-standard pet. Maybe you’ve spent a few hours walking through garage sales or antique stores trying to find the perfect Edwardian bird cage. Perhaps you’re choosing between the fish-shaped mineral block and a bird-shaped one (get the fish one, the other is almost cannibalism!)....
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Finding the Best Chinchilla Veterinarian in Shawnee, OK

Has your child started requesting some of the odder kinds of pets yet? Kids often go through this phase as they start to discover the exciting world around them, wanting to interact with some of the more unusual creatures in it. Granted, it’s a little heart-stopping when your 4 year old...
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Choosing a Veterinarian in Guthrie, OK

How do you go about choosing a veterinarian in the Guthrie area? Let’s be honest here — you’re not about to spend your whole paycheck on poor service. If you need to get something done, you want it done once and done right and done without costing you an arm and...
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Choosing a Veterinarian in Yukon, OK

What do people tend to care about when choosing a veterinarian in Yukon? Let’s face it, we don’t exactly live in the busiest of areas (but that’s a big part of why we love it here!). Some people pick up knitting to pass the time. Others are big into hunting. And...
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Pet Boarding in Edmond, OK

Have you thought recently about searching for a pet boarding facility in the Edmond, OK area? Our great state is rich with natural beauty, from Red Rock Canyon State Park West of us on over to Robbers Cave in the East. And while Fido the Labrador retriever might be happy to...
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Choosing a Vaccine Clinic in Witcher, OK

What should pet owners in Witcher, OK know about choosing a vaccine clinic for their pets? First, not all pets are created equal. When you meet with a veterinarian, they should hopefully be ready to create an individualized vaccination plan for your pet. That includes the core vaccines, like rabies and...
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