Finding Animal Dental Care Near Midwest City


Your pet’s dental health makes up a big part of their overall well being.

Why do we say this? Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed medical issues in the pet population. It’s easy to make jokes about a dog’s bad breath or how a cat is getting so picky about their food, but the reality is that these can be serious signs of periodontal disease. All too quickly, that unpleasant film covering your pet’s teeth can turn into something much more dangerous. That’s why finding proper animal dental care in the Midwest City area for your pet is so important for their ongoing health.


The Stages of Pet Dental Disease

A pet’s dental health isn’t all or nothing. As with most diseases, there are a number of stages with different consequences for their health. In the beginning, tartar is just starting to develop on the surface of the teeth. Your pet likely isn’t experiencing any inflammation yet, and their health isn’t particularly impacted by the small changes. Left untreated, they’ll progress to the next step in the process as the bacteria takes over more territory in your pet’s mouth. Their gums will start to get inflamed and they might start having sensitive mouths. Next up is when bone loss begins, with your pet’s teeth weakening. The loss of bone will spread under the gum line next, causing some serious issues. At a certain point, the only way to preserve their health is to remove most or all of the teeth. Getting your pet in for professional animal dental care in the Midwest City area is critical for avoiding this progression of dental disease.


Be Proactive with Wellness Visits

One of the best ways to catch these problems before they progress too far is with regular wellness care. It’s a great opportunity for the veterinarian to take a look at your pet’s teeth, gum line and sinus system and evaluate them for periodontal disease. From there, you can schedule the necessary cleanings and procedures to keep them healthy.


If you have any questions about getting your pet proper animal dental care near Midwest City, reach out to us at any time here at Stoneridge Animal Hospital.

Finding Animal Dental Care Near Midwest City

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