Finding an Emergency Vet in Oklahoma City


Your dog got into your chocolate stash and decided to chow down.

Your cat jumped down from a high place, and now he won’t put any weight on his front paw. Your guinea pig has suddenly become lethargic. These are the types of scenarios that no pet parent wants to find themselves in, but they’re quite common. Serious injuries and illnesses often happen at the worst possible times, and knowing where to turn isn’t always easy. If you are facing a pet emergency, you may need to consider finding an emergency vet near you in Oklahoma City.

Finding an Emergency Vet in Oklahoma City


When Finding an Emergency Vet is a Must

When something is wrong with your pet, getting to an experienced vet quickly often seems like the best solution. While seeking prompt veterinary care is important, it is also a good idea to assess what type of health scare your pet is experiencing and whether you’ll need to be careful about transporting them to an emergency veterinarian in the Oklahoma City area. If you have an animal that’s experiencing seizures, you may want to contact the clinic to see if they have suggestions for getting them there safely.


There are certain symptoms that indicate that your pet needs immediate help. Severe blood loss, vomiting, or diarrhea are all emergencies and must be treated as such. Symptoms like sudden lethargy, changes in heart rate, and extreme pain also must be addressed immediately.



Finding an Emergency Vet in Oklahoma City

In many situations, finding an emergency vet is a matter of life or death. Ideally, you should find one before disaster strikes. Take a moment to do some research, and don’t entrust the life of your beloved pet to just anyone. Knowing of a trustworthy emergency vet can be a lifesaver. Keep their information in an easy to find spot, like on the fridge. This can make a stressful time a little bit less terrifying for pet owners.


If you have any questions about finding an emergency vet near Oklahoma City, please feel free to reach out to us here at Stoneridge Animal Hospital.

Finding an Emergency Vet in Oklahoma City

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