Senior Pet Care in Mustang: Why Your Senior Pet Needs Special Care


As your pet ages, she will need extra special care to ensure she remains happy, comfortable, and healthy throughout her golden years. While an annual exam may be able to catch common disease processes before they become too advanced, semi-annual or more frequent wellness visits are even more beneficial to your furry pal. Routine

wellness care is important for pets of all ages, but senior pets need more help to age gracefully and comfortably. Return the love and devotion your senior pet has shown you her entire life by investing in gold-standard senior pet care


What Happens During a Senior Pet Wellness Exam

When your senior pet comes in for a wellness exam at Stoneridge Animal Hospital, she’ll receive an even more comprehensive exam and diagnostic testing to ensure she is in tip-top shape throughout her twilight years. Not only will we stay on top of your pet’s vaccination schedule to protect your furry pal against potential diseases based on lifestyle and risk exposure, we’ll also offer recommendations on how to provide the best care for your pet’s changing needs. Senior pets have different requirements regarding nutrition, exercise, environmental enrichment, dental care, and behavior to maintain their health and well-being, and we’ll discuss each and every aspect of your best friend’s care to keep your pet healthy and happy. 

As part of your senior pet’s care in Mustang, we will also tailor routine diagnostic testing to gain a baseline of your furry pal’s normal values. Many older pets develop organ dysfunction and metabolic imbalances, leading to liver failure, kidney disease, and thyroid irregularities. At the first subtle variance in your pet’s test results, we can take appropriate steps to ward off potential disease or illness. With early disease detection, we can offer easier management and treatment and a better outcome for your pet’s health. 

Senior Pet Care in Mustang

If your furry friend is showing a gray muzzle, stiffness in her joints, or a decline in cognitive function, she could use some extra help to age comfortably. For senior pet care in the Mustang area, trust in the team at Stoneridge Animal Hospital to care for your beloved senior pet. Give us a call to schedule your senior pet’s wellness visit. 


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