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Protecting your four-legged best friend against preventable diseases is a huge part of being a responsible pet parent. While Oklahoma law only requires that companion animals be vaccinated against rabies, there are several other vaccines that are just as important because they safeguard pets against diseases that could cause serious

suffering or even death. 

At Stoneridge Animal Hospital, we believe that vaccines are extremely important, and we recommend that companion animals be kept up-to-date on these potentially life-saving injections. We provide pet vaccinations for Oklahoma City area dogs, cats, and ferrets, and we can help you determine which ones would benefit your beloved companion most. 



Recommended Vaccines

The exact vaccines your pet needs may vary depending on certain lifestyle factors. In general, however, we recommend parvovirus, canine hepatitis, and distemper vaccines for dogs. For cats, we recommend the FelV and FVRCP vaccines. The rabies vaccine is required by law for all dogs, cats, and ferrets in Oklahoma. 

If you travel with your pet, take them to places like dog parks, groomers, or doggy daycare, or they spend a lot of time outdoors, we may recommend vaccinating them against other diseases, such as Bordetella, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis. Be honest with us when describing your pet’s lifestyle and the types of activities they regularly engage in so we can make an accurate recommendation. 

Pet Vaccinations in Oklahoma

Vaccinations do an excellent job of preventing the spread of disease before it can even begin. In addition to ensuring your own pet’s health and well-being, vaccines protect the entire community. At Stoneridge Animal Hospital, we provide pet vaccines in Oklahoma City and the surrounding towns and neighborhoods. We believe that this service is absolutely vital and will help you determine which vaccinations are best suited to your pet and their lifestyle. 

Vaccines are highly effective, and the risk of side effects and complications is extremely low. To learn more about our vaccine services or to schedule an appointment for your dog, cat, or ferret, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you! 


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