Finding a Vaccine Clinic in Edmond


Have you recently become the proud new owner of a sweet new family member?

From Ragdoll kittens to German Shepherd puppies, each new pet in your home will need the services of a vaccine clinic in Edmond. Why are veterinarians so adamant about getting pets vaccinated, though? After all, so many animals are indoor-only or rarely meet other pets these days. Aside from the fact that it’s a good idea to socialize your pets for better behavior in the long run, there are so many ways your furry companions could get sick outside of the normal snout-to-snout interactions.

Dangers Abound

Who would have thought that simply letting your dog out into the yard to do their business would have been enough to lead to a severe illness? Diseases like leptospirosis — with symptoms like a fever, general muscle tenderness, lethargy and vomiting — can be passed on to your pet through just the soil. Sources of water, such as a lake or a stream, can also easily transmit the disease. That’s not even taking into account the various squirrels, raccoons and other wild critters your pet could come into contact with in your yard. You can avoid the intensive antibiotics and expensive supportive care that’s required to treat these diseases effectively by just making sure your pets come in regularly to a vaccine clinic here in Edmond.


Puppies vs Dogs, Kittens vs Cats

We’re not saying that adult cats and dogs have an easy time with many of the diseases that they can be vaccinated for, but kittens and puppies are especially at risk of dying from otherwise preventable illnesses. Their little immune systems are still trying to get up to speed with the great big world post-birth, so they’re not able to fight off an infection well at all. That’s why your veterinarian will have you bring them in for a whole series of vaccinations just a few weeks after they’re born. It’s important to stick with the schedule your vet lays out for your pet at a vaccine clinic here in Edmond.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to reach out to us at Stoneridge Animal Hospital.

Vaccine Clinic in Edmond

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