Choosing a Vaccine Clinic in Witcher, OK


What should pet owners in Witcher, OK know about choosing a vaccine clinic for their pets?

First, not all pets are created equal. When you meet with a veterinarian, they should hopefully be ready to create an individualized vaccination plan for your pet. That includes the core vaccines, like rabies and distemper, but also additional vaccines that will form the kind of protective shield your pet needs to stay healthy. There are certain lifestyle or environmental factors that may play a role in your pet’s health risk factors.

Does your animal spend much time outside? Are they exposed to other animals, either at a dog park or maybe even the raccoon digging through the trash? Are they especially likely to take a bite out of everything around them, from cat poop to a neighborhood bird? These are all lifestyle habits that may influence your pet’s health in the long run, and might require extra protection.


Beyond just the basics, though, a vaccine clinic should know what diseases may be making the rounds currently in Witcher. Some of these may be seasonal, like West Nile Virus, while others can be particularly difficult one year, such as the flu. On top of that, there are often diseases or dangers that most pet owners aren’t aware of. One such disease in this area is Bobcat Fever, which can be quickly fatal in cats and is transmitted by fleas and ticks. Getting your pet on medication to prevent these pests could be the difference between life or death.


Vaccinations aren’t just a one and done situation, either. Most require booster shots on a regular basis to maintain full effectiveness. It’s common for pet owners to assume that the vaccines their pets get as puppies or kittens will last for their full lifespan, but just like with humans your pet needs regular ongoing care. This allows their immune system to be ready and waiting to fend off diseases.

If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced veterinarian providing a high quality vaccine clinic in the Witcher, OK area, consider reaching out to Stoneridge Animal Hospital.


Choosing a Vaccine Clinic in Witcher, OK

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