Finding the Best Chinchilla Veterinarian in Shawnee, OK


Has your child started requesting some of the odder kinds of pets yet?

Kids often go through this phase as they start to discover the exciting world around them, wanting to interact with some of the more unusual creatures in it. Granted, it’s a little heart-stopping when your 4 year old wants a pet snake or a tarantula, but hopefully you’re able to steer them toward one of the cuddlier species. For some, it’s rats. For others, it’s the (interesting-smelling) ferret. If you’re landed on the chinchilla as the next family pet, though, you might have a little bit of work ahead of you. The first step is finding the best chinchilla veterinarian in Shawnee, OK.

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You might be wondering why a vet is the first resource you need when if comes to what seems like a simple rodent pet. In truth, there’s plenty of misinformation out there about how to best care for these animals, leading to potentially deadly misconceptions surrounding their care. But don’t fret just yet! Once you’ve found the right chinchilla veterinarian in Shawnee, you’ll have everything you need to know right at your fingertips. Which is nice, especially since you might think you’ve just bought a gremlin when you hear about how chinchillas respond to getting doused in water.

Some of the fun facts that people may not know going into chinchilla ownership include their surprisingly long lifespan. You’ll be surprised how attached you can get to these little guys after 10 years of living with them. They’re full of energy and enjoy running (scampering) around the house. It’s important to get them plenty of play time, but make sure they don’t get lost while out and about! You do need to keep them away from many people foods, especially those with high amounts of fat or sugar. Do they seem a little long in the tooth? It might be time to visit that Shawnee Chinchilla veterinarian to make sure they don’t get an occlusion, which could prevent them from eating properly. And, of course, the infamous dust bath. Since they can’t get wet, your new pet will need a little bin of dust placed in their cage a couple of times a week for the cutest ‘bath’ you’ve ever seen.

If you’re ready to dive into chinchilla ownership (or you already have) feel free to reach out to us at Stoneridge Animal Hospital.


Finding the Best Chinchilla Veterinarian in Shawnee, OK

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