Choosing an Avian Veterinarian in Midwest City, OK


So, you’ve chosen to own a somewhat less-than-standard pet. Maybe you’ve spent a few hours walking through garage sales or antique stores trying to find the perfect Edwardian bird cage.

Perhaps you’re choosing between the fish-shaped mineral block and a bird-shaped one (get the fish one, the other is almost cannibalism!). There are rope toys and bells and perches and ladders strewn about your room and you’re not even sure it’ll all fit in one cage. Before you hop on the internet to search for a palatial new bird home to fit all the toys, hit the brakes. You’ve missed one of the most crucial parts of owning a pet bird! You’re going to need help choosing an avian veterinarian in Midwest City.

Choosing an Avian Veterinarian in Midwest City, OK

Are you feeling a little bewildered as a brand new bird-parent? How big should a cage be for a cockatiel? Do love birds really need to be in pairs? How on earth do you make your parrot stop calling you a dummy? Birds make for beautiful pets, but you do need to learn plenty of new information to make sure they stay healthy and happy. Once you’ve found your avian veterinarian in Midwest City, you may want to ask them for bird-owning resources. Depending on the species, each bird has a different set of needs and things to watch out for. You’ll soon learn how these animals communicate with you.

Your Midwest City avian veterinarian should be highly knowledgeable about the specific species of bird you’ve decided to bring into your home. Furthermore, they should be ready to discuss symptoms of disease to watch out for. Birds don’t show signs of illness like cats or dogs do, and it’s particularly difficult for us to read their body language. Plus, some bird have species traits that show up as especially odd behaviors. From attracting mates to simply saying hello, your vet can tell you all about their quirks.

And when the bird eats enough paper edges to poop out a library, you have someone to turn to with questions about their gastrointestinal health and whether you need to fly into a full-blown panic. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to reach out to us at Stoneridge Animal Hospital.

Choosing an Avian Veterinarian in Midwest City, OK

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